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We advice on employment related advice and we act for both employees and employers.
We represent people at meetings involving performance management, workplace
relationship problems, complaints, restructuring and discipline. We act for people in
Mediation, before the Employment Relations Authority and at an Employment Court

For employees
  1. 1
    Employment agreement review
    We can help you to find any flaws by reviewing the agreement and advice you on the same.
  2. 2
    Unjustified dismissal
    When an employer decided to make any changes that are likely to have an adverse effect on an employee’s employment, the employer must provide information to affected employees and give them an opportunity to comment before making their decision.
  3. 3
    If a problem related to employment occurs at work the first measure is to talk to each other (employee and employer) and try to resolve the problem. If you think it is not solved at the first instance we can play a very important role.
  4. 4
    Personal Grievances
    All employees have the right to raise a personal grievance under the Employment Relation Act within 90 days period
  5. 5
    When an employer terminates an employee because the position is no longer required or restructuring that may leads to redundancy. In any case it must genuine and justifiable
  6. 6
    Sexual Harassment
    This area is editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what makes you just that little bit special.
  7. 7
    Work Place Bullying
    The law on sexual harassment in the Human Rights Act is also applicable at work places.
  8. 8
    We take all jobs no matter how big or small please contact us on any matter
For employers
  1. 1
    Relations with your employee
    Immigration New Zealand law requires employers to be responsible that are the employees are on a valid visa at all times. Employer ethically should also inform Immigration New Zealand if an employer does not report to work for long period or/and is dismissed or/and resign from job. As per Immigration law one is not allowed to provide any advice on any immigration matters unless one is licensed.
  2. 2
    Employment Agreements
    New Zealand law says you must have a written employment agreement with all of our employees and you have to provide it to the employees. We see many agreements that are badly designed. They do not help employers manage the more difficult aspects of employment relationships and encourage disputes..
  3. 3
    Restructuring and Redundancy
    Whether it is a restructure, downsizing, re-organization or repositioning, the underlying message often is “We need to make staff redundant”. The redundancy law requires some important steps to be taken before a decision to restructure can be made.
  4. 4
    Sexual Harassment
    One of the more difficult employment issues for employers to manage is a complaint by one employee against another of sexual harassment. If the alleged harasser is a supervisor or a manager then the complaint potentially is against not only that person but also the employer. Such complaints should never be taken lightly or dismissed without investigation.
  5. 5
    Employers who are accused of bullying sometimes feel personally affronted and often are upset. Almost without exception people agree that bullying is unacceptable but they find it difficult to draw the line between justifiable criticism fairly made and bullying
  6. 6
    Personal Grievance and Complaints
    The first response to a grievance claim is rarely the last. Once the grievance has been raised, you need to obtain legal advice, assess your chances of winning and losing, the 5 legal costs involved and the money you might have to pay the claimant should you lose.
  7. 7
    The most common reasons for the question "How can I get rid of him?" are poor work performance, attitude and attendance, incompatibility, theft and other acts of dishonesty, abusive behavior, fighting and other conduct that damages an employer's trust and confidence in an employee. These problems are serious and must be addressed: Dismissal may be the correct way of doing so.
  8. 8
    Workplace Stress
    An unexpected complaint of stress can occur in a new business which is growing very quickly, has little infrastructure and where the owner and staff are working long and hard just to keep up. In these situations advice should be obtained.
?What is our role
Employment Court
 Employment Relations Authority
 Mediation
 Disciplinary meetings
 Personal grievances
 Exit negotiations
 Employment agreements
 We act for employee clients with cases against all kinds of employers: small, large,
foreign and government
 Most cases are resolved at the level expected by the client – or better
 Fast, professional and confidential handling of your issues
How can we help
We will assist you by

Advising you on the law applying to the situation you are facing.
Where there is a disciplinary meeting, ensuring you obtain all relevant information before the meeting.
Representing you at the meeting.
Advising you on the options available to you.
Advising you about the law, the processes and the possible outcomes.
Representing you in discussions with the employer's lawyer.
Speaking on your behalf at mediation.
Preparing your evidence for an investigation by the Authority.
Representing you at the Authority.

Please provide us with

A dateline of events.
A description of the issues for you.
Any witness statements you have obtained.
Your employment agreement.
Leters, emails, personal appraisals and other relevent documents.
Pay slips.
Your contact details and those of your employer.